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Experience in Applying IAEA Principles for Design Safety to New Nuclear Power Plants


English IAEA-TECDOC-2021 ¦ 978-92-0-118623-2

146 pages ¦ 5 figures ¦ € 22.00 ¦ Date published: 2023

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This publication has been written to assist in developing a common understanding of practices in Member States in the consideration of requirements introduced by IAEA Safety Standards Series No. SSR-2/1, Safety of Nuclear Power Plants: Design and the supporting safety guides, for the design and safety assessment of new nuclear power plants. Member States' experience in the consideration of IAEA requirements for the design and safety demonstration of new nuclear power plants has been collected, in order to highlight common approaches and to capture potential differences pertaining to the interpretation of the requirements or in their implementation in the design of new nuclear power plants. It will be of use to regulators and all stakeholders involved in the design and safety assessment of new nuclear power plants.

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Applying IAEA Principles, Design Safety, New Nuclear Power Plant, Design and Construction, Safety Measures, Safety Regulations, Practical Experience, Member States, Design Extension Conditions, DECs, Categories of Plant States, Nuclear Power Plant, NPP, Safety Demonstration, Potential Differences, Implementation of Requirements, Stakeholders, Safety Assessment, Defence in Depth, Did, Practical Elimination, Cliff Edge Effects, Structures, Systems and Components, SSCs, External Hazards, Levels of Natural Hazards, External Events, Levels of Magnitude, Methodologies, Rules and Assumptions, Heat Transfer, Ultimate Heat Sink, UHS, National Regulations, Reactor Designers, Nuclear Fuel, Power Supply, IAEA Safety Standards Series No. SSR-2/1, Early or Large Radioactive Releases, Field of Application, Defining Safety Margins, Supplementary Use of Non-Permanent Equipment, Accident Management, Review

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