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Applicability of IAEA Safety Standards to Non-Water Cooled Reactors and Small Modular Reactors

Safety Reports Series No. 123

English STI/PUB/2027 ¦ 978-92-0-127323-9

277 pages ¦ 15 figures ¦ € 78.00 ¦ Date published: 2023

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In response to an increase in global activities related to non-water-cooled reactors and small modular reactors, this new Safety Report documenting areas of novelty of these technologies when compared to the current fleet of reactors has been developed. The impact of these areas of novelty on the applicability and completeness of the IAEA safety standards is assessed in the publication. Gaps and areas for additional consideration are identified. The review undertaken to develop this report encompassed the safety standards related to the lifetime of these reactor technologies. The publication also considers the interface between safety, security, and safeguards in the design of these technologies.

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Applicability, IAEA Safety Standards, Non-Water-Cooled Reactors, Small Modular Reactors, Nuclear Reactors, Safety Measures, Requirements, High Level Review, Evolutionary and Innovative Design, EID, Associated Facilities, Relevant Stages, Lifetime, Nuclear Facility, Siting, Design, Construction, Operation, Decommissioning, Technologies, Interfaces between Safety, Security, Safeguards, Identification of Areas of Novelty, Safeguards Challenges, IAEA Approach, Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Management of Radioactive Waste, Spent Fuel, Deployment Models, Mapping of Application, Radiation Protection, Leadership, Safety Assessment, Emergency Preparedness and Response, EPR, Legal and Regulatory Framework

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