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Attribution of Radiation Health Effects and Inference of Radiation Risks: Considerations for Application of the IAEA Safety Standards

Safety Reports Series No. 122

English STI/PUB/2026 ¦ 978-92-0-134523-3

60 pages ¦ 3 figures ¦ € 52.00 ¦ Date published: 2023

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This Safety Report explains how the concepts of attribution of health effects and inference of risks can be taken into account in the application of IAEA safety standards, so as to implement them more effectively. In particular, this publication demonstrates explicitly what the relevant provisions of the safety standards are for high and moderate levels of exposure where health effects might be able to be attributed to the exposure, and for low and very low levels of exposure where risks can only be inferred. This Safety Report also aims to support more effective communication by clarifying the proper use of certain concepts detailed in the safety standards and plain language explanations of the concepts of attribution of effects and inference of risk are provided.

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Attribution of Radiation Health Effects, Inference of Radiation Risks, Considerations for Application of the IAEA Safety Standards, Health Aspects, Safety Measures, Safety Regulations, UNSCEAR 2012, Past Radiation Exposures, Estimation of Health Effects, Health Risks, Basis of the Safety Standards, Development and Use, Fundamental Safety Principles, Practical Application, Risk Related Concepts, Different Categories of Exposure, Public, Occupational and Medical Exposure, Implications of the Concepts of Attribution of Health Effects, Inference of Risk for Communication, Data on Actual Effects, Plain Language Explanation, Inference to Support Public Communication, Review

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