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The Radiological Incident in Hueypoxtla

Non-serial Publications

English IAEA/RAD/INC ¦ 978-92-0-136222-3

48 pages ¦ 11 figures ¦ € 24.00 ¦ Date published: 2022

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In the early morning of 2 December 2013, a vehicle transporting a radiotherapy machine head containing a category 1, cobalt-60 radioactive source was stolen, resulting in radiation exposure to members of the public. This publication provides information about the circumstances of the incident and the response actions taken by the Mexican authorities, including dose assessments performed to identify the individuals exposed. The publication also describes the actions taken by the IAEA. Observations and lessons identified are presented.

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Radiological Incident, Hueypoxtla, Radiation, Safety Measures, Radioactive Waste Disposal, Theft, Nuclear Industry, Security Measures, Legal and Regulatory Framework, Regulatory Review, Circumstances, Response Actions, National Level, Public Communication, Medical Management, Radiation Dose Assessment, Criminal Investigation, Judicial Investigations, Prosecutions, IAEA’s Actions in Response, Liabilities, International Response, Observations, Lessons Learned, Good Practices, Conclusions, IAEA Press Releases

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