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Integrated Life Cycle Risk Management for New Nuclear Power Plants

IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No. NR-T-2.15

English STI/PUB/2047 ¦ 978-92-0-101423-8

153 pages ¦ 30 figures ¦ € 44.00 ¦ Date published: 2023

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Integrated risk management (IRM) is particularly important during the preparation and construction phases of a nuclear power plant (NPP) and anticipates the risks that could arise during the operation and decommissioning phases. This publication is designed to enhance stakeholders' understanding of the fundamental processes, procedures, and methods for IRM. Practical guidelines are provided and best practices shared. The importance of having appropriate risk management policies, especially when considering the various contractual and organizational arrangements in different construction entities, operating organizations and Member States is emphasized. Tables are provided throughout the publication to indicate the causes of risks and their impacts on the applicable NPP or project. Economic evaluation techniques are also introduced. Member States contemplating expanding their existing nuclear power plant fleets can be expected to benefit from this publication, but it will likely be most valuable for Member States newly embarking upon a nuclear power programme.

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IAEA Nuclear Energy, Integrated Life Cycle Risk Management, New Nuclear Power Plants, NPP, Safety Measures, Risk Management Framework, Internal and External Risks, Economic Risk Management, Profitability, Impact, Project Development, Construction, Operation Phase Risks, Decommissioning Phases, Organizational Culture, NPP Owners, Operators, Stakeholders, Integrated Risk Management, IRM, Fundamental Processes, Procedures, Methods, Guidelines, Best Practices, Risk Management Policies, Different Construction Entities, Operating Organizations, Member States, Economic Evaluation Techniques, Nuclear Power Programme, Risk Registers, Risk Management Strategies, Sources of Risks, Economic Risk Evaluation, Modelling Nuclear Project Economics, Costs, Financial Assumptions, Lifetime Risk Analysis, Economic Model, Scenario Analysis, Project Development Phase Risk Management, IAEA Milestones Approach, Licensing, Engineering Readiness, Procurement, Material and Supply Chain Readiness, Material Inspection, Design Change Process, Review

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