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Status of Molten Salt Reactor Technology

Technical Reports Series No. 489

English STI/DOC/010/489 ¦ 978-92-0-140522-7

315 pages ¦ 110 figures ¦ € 86.00 ¦ Date published: 2023

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Written to assist individuals in academia and industry and in relevant regulatory and policy roles, this publication provides a summary of the current knowledge on the status of research, technological developments, reactor designs and experiments in the area of advanced reactors that are fuelled or cooled by a molten salt. Identification of challenges and areas where research and development are still required in preparation for commercial deployment gives context to current and planned work. The aim of this publication is to share information on programmes and projects on molten salt reactors in Member States which will shape future collaborative efforts.

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Status of Research, Molten Salt Reactor Technology, Molten Salt Reactors, MSRs, Technological Innovations, History of MSR, Nuclear Reactors, Reactor Designs, Experiments, Area of Advanced Reactors, Member States, Future Collaborative Efforts, Advantages, Technological Challenges of MSR, Classification of MSR Families, Taxonomy, Development Efforts in the United States of America, Neutronic Characteristics, Major Considered Nuclides, Research and Development Activities, Countries, Denmark, European Commission, France, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Switzerland, Current Challenges, Deploying MSRs, Supply Chain, Safeguards and Security, Maintenance and Operation, Programme Documentation Challenges, Description of MSR Concepts, Information Sharing, Programmes and Projects, Review

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