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Guidelines for the Determination of Standardized Semiconductor Radiation Hardness Parameters

Technical Reports Series No. 490

English STI/DOC/010/490 ¦ 978-92-0-100522-9

89 pages ¦ 42 figures ¦ € 46.00 ¦ Date published: 2023

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EPUB format available (19.35 MB)


The operational useful lifetime of semiconductor electronic devices working in harsh radiation environments is limited by the structural defects induced by the exposure to ionizing radiation. This has immediate consequences for their use in high radiation environments, for example in nuclear facilities, satellites, radiotherapy, medical diagnostics, security and other industries. This publication establishes a standardized procedure to quantify the radiation hardness of semiconductor diode materials in a way that is independent of the irradiation parameters and biasing conditions of the device. The established parameter reflects the additional free charge carrier trapping cross section induced by the damaging radiation, normalized to the predicted concentration of generated vacancies by the same radiation. The effectiveness of the approach is validated through different types of ion beam irradiations, characterizations and materials used. The work leads towards approaches to predict the radiation induced effects on device performance for more complex electronic structures.

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Guidelines, Determination, Standardized Semiconductor, Radiation Hardness Parameters, Technical Reports, Quality Control, Ionizing Radiation, Nuclear Counters, Standardized Parameters, Concepts, Semiconductor Detector Characterization, Ion-Matter Interactions, Experimental Method, Ion Beam Induced Charge, IBIC, Technique, Robust Theoretical Formalism, Modelling of Electrostatics, Induced Charge, Shockley–Read–Hall Model, Knowledge Transfer, Implementation, Energetic Ion, Ion Beam Track Parameters, Monte Carlo Simulations, Experimental Procedures, Electronics, Calibration, Charge Collection Efficiency, Radiation Induced Carrier Lifetime Degradation, Parameterization for Silicon, Device Simulation, Software, Semiconductor Diode Materials, Irradiation Parameters, Biasing Conditions, Beam Irradiations, Radiation Induced Effects

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