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Atomic and Plasma–Material Interaction Data

Vol. 17

English STI/PUB/023/APID/17 978-92-0-105817-1
212 137 40.00 2017

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The present volume of Atomic and Plasma–Material Interaction Data for Fusion presents the results of a coordinated research project (CRP) on Atomic Data for Heavy Element Impurities in Fusion Reactors. In accordance with priorities in fusion energy research, data sets related to heavy element impurities are essential in plasma modelling. For example, such as data on the noble gases argon, krypton, and xenon, on the likely wall material tungsten, and on other possible impurities. Much of the work in this CRP focused on possible impurities such as chlorine, iron and silicon. The publication provides fundamental experimental and calculated data for radiative and collisional atomic processes as well as results of collisional-radiative (CR) models. The data are of interest for the interpretation of spectroscopic measurements on current and future fusion experiments, the modelling of tungsten in fusion plasma, and the design and optimization of fusion reactor experiments.

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Plasma Physics, Nuclear Fusion, Krypton, Xenon, Tungsten, Atomic Data, Plasma Material, Interaction, CRP, Coordinated Research Project, Element Impurities, Fusion Reactors, Plasma Modelling, Chlorine, Iron, Silicon, Argon, Calculations, Experimental Data, Collisional-Radiative, CR, Models, Cross Sections, Analysis, Electron-ion, Collisional Data, Fe Ions, Data Sets, Spectroscopic Data, Fusion Experiments, Recombination

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