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Computer Security of Instrumentation and Control Systems at Nuclear Facilities

Technical Guidance

IAEA Nuclear Security Series No. 33-T
Technical Guidance

English STI/PUB/1787 ¦ 978-92-0-103117-4

58 pages ¦ € 42.00 ¦ Date published: 2018

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Computer security as a discipline is challenged by increasing threat vectors targeting a dynamic technological environment. This publication establishes guidance addressing the challenge of applying computer security measures to instrumentation and control (I&C) systems at nuclear facilities. The measures are intended to protect these I&C systems throughout their entire life cycles against malicious acts perpetrated by threat actors. The technical basis and methodologies for the application of these computer security measures are considered. The publication also addresses the application of such measures to the development, simulation and maintenance environments of these I&C systems. In addition, account is taken of developments in human factors engineering and nuclear safety. This Technical Guidance references and takes into account other Safety Guides and IAEA Nuclear Security Series publications that provide guidance relating to I&C design.

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IAEA Nuclear Security, Physical Protection, Radioactive Material, Nuclear Facilities, Nuclear Reactors, Control Systems, Computer Security, Instrumentation and Control, Security Measures, Lifecycles, Malicious Act, Threats, Methodologies, Applications, Technological Environment, Human Factors, Maintenance, Nuclear Safety, Competent Authorities, Regulatory Bodies, Cyber Attack, Decommissioning, Graded Approach, Risk, Interface, Contingency Plans, Training, Management System, Design, Security Monitoring, Defence in Depth, Assessment, Verification, Validation, Access Control, Simulation, System Architecture

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