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Safety of Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Facilities

STI/PUB/1744 (978-92-0-103016-0)
119 pages ¦ 6 figures ¦ EUR 51.00


This publication provides guidance on meeting the requirements of IAEA Safety Standards Series No. NS R 5 (Rev.1) relating to nuclear fuel reprocessing facilities. It covers the lifetime of these facilities from site selection through to decommissioning concentrating on the design and operational phases. It applies to facilities that reprocess spent fuel and other material from nuclear power plants that use metallic and oxide fuels including materials from mixed oxide fuel (MOX) and breeder reactors. It covers the safety issues relating to the handling of spent fuel; mechanical treatment and the dissolution of spent fuel in acid; the separation of uranium and plutonium from fission products using solvents; the separation and purification of plutonium and uranium; and the production and storage of solutions and oxides to be used as feed material to form fresh uranium or mixed (UO2 PuO2) oxide fuel.


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