Attributes of Full Scope Level 1 Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) for Applications in Nuclear Power Plants

IAEA-TECDOC-1804 (978-92-0-107316-7)
328 pages ¦ 0 figures ¦ EUR 18.00


This publication aims to further promote the use and
application of PSA in Member States by providing a
comprehensive list of PSA applications and describing what
technical features (termed attributes ) need to be satisfied to
reliably support them. Consideration has also been given to the
basic set of attributes characterizing a base case PSA that is
performed to assess overall plant safety. The present
publication can support PSA practitioners in appropriate
planning of a PSA project taking into account possible uses of
the PSA in the future. It can also be used by reviewers as an
aid in assessing the quality of PSAs and judging the adequacy
of a PSA for particular applications.

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