Coordinated Research Projects – Nuclear Power Technology Development Section

Advancing the State-of-Practice in Uncertainty and Sensitivity Methodologies for Severe Accident Analysis in Water-Cooled Reactors

Coordinated Research Project ¦ December 2018 ¦ CRP Code: I31033 ¦ Active - Ongoing

Benchmark Analysis of FFTF Loss of Flow Without Scram Test

Coordinated Research Project ¦ March 2018 ¦ CRP Code: I32011 ¦ Active - Ongoing

Neutronics Benchmark of CEFR Start-Up Tests

Coordinated Research Project ¦ December 2017 ¦ CRP Code: I31032 ¦ Active - Ongoing

Assessing Technical and Economic Aspects of Nuclear Hydrogen Production for Near-term Deployment

Coordinated Research Project ¦ July 2017 ¦ CRP Code: I35006 ¦ Active - Ongoing

Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) Benchmark for Multi-Unit/Multi-Reactor Sites

Coordinated Research Project ¦ July 2017 ¦ CRP Code: I31031 ¦ Active - Ongoing

Methodology for Assessing Pipe Failure Rates in Advanced Water Cooled Reactor (WCRs)

Coordinated Research Project ¦ July 2017 ¦ CRP Code: I31030 ¦ Closed

Radioactive Release from the Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor under Severe Accident Conditions

Coordinated Research Project ¦ February 2015 ¦ CRP Code: I32009 ¦ Active - Ongoing

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