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Director General's Remarks at Executive Meeting for Regulators and Licensees in Medical and Industrial Purposes

Jakarta, Indonesia

IAEA Director Genarl Yukiya Amano. (Photo: D. Calma/IAEA)

(As prepared for delivery)

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am very pleased to be with you today at the start of my third visit to Indonesia as IAEA Director General.

Indonesia is an advanced user of nuclear technology and, indeed, shares its expertise with other countries in a number of fields.

A key role of the IAEA is to make nuclear science and technology available to countries to assist them in achieving their development goals.

Nuclear safety and security are national responsibilities. But countries recognise the importance of international cooperation in these areas, and the Agency is the forum through which this cooperation takes place.

The IAEA has a vital role to play in enabling countries to share experiences and best practices.

Nuclear safety and security are priority areas in our budget, alongside technical cooperation. We work closely with national regulators such as BAPETEN.

National regulators and the IAEA worked together closely in the aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi accident in 2011. Global nuclear safety has been significantly strengthened since then.

I encourage all Member States to ensure broad application of the Agency's safety standards, which are based on global knowledge and experience.

Despite the Fukushima Daiichi accident, global use of nuclear power continues to grow.

I understand that the Government of Indonesia has been considering introducing nuclear power, but that no final decision has been made.

The IAEA does not try to influence countries’ decisions on whether or not to add nuclear power to their energy mix.

But if countries decide to proceed, we provide every assistance so they can use nuclear power safely, securely and sustainably.

I constantly stress to both existing users of nuclear power, and to newcomers, the importance of having strong and independent regulators, operating under a robust legal framework.

These are vital for ensuring a high level of nuclear safety and nuclear security.

The IAEA has led international expert teams on visits to Indonesia’s research reactors. We also work together closely on nuclear security, for example in the run-up to the 18th Asian Games, which will take place here this year.

Safety and security are extremely important in all uses of nuclear technology, not just in nuclear power.

For example, the IAEA assists countries in ensuring that both patients and staff are protected when radiotherapy or nuclear medicine procedures are being carried out.

I encourage you to make full use of Agency peer review and advisory services, and of the education and training we offer.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The IAEA greatly values our cooperation with Indonesia and with BAPETEN in particular. We look forward to strengthening and deepening that cooperation in the coming decades.

Thank you.

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