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Where Can You Find Industrial Irradiation Facilities? Visit a New Online Database


One of the most common applications of ionizing radiation is sterilization of health care products. (Photo: L. Potterton/IAEA)

The IAEA has recently published its updated Database on Industrial Irradiation Facilities (DIIF), featuring an interactive map with information on nearly 300 gamma irradiators and electron accelerators from around the world. DIIF is a tool to help organizations and companies find the facility most suitable for the irradiation of their products. Research groups and experts can also use the database to find training and collaboration opportunities in the field.

Unlike other similar databases, DIIF is free of charge to both users and the irradiation facilities included. Users can find details about each facility, including the activity of the source and the type of accelerator used. DIIF will also feature upcoming IAEA events, publications and e-learning materials related to radiation technology.

“There have been some significant technical advancements in the field that have redrawn the market over the last years and have motivated us to update the data available in DIIF, which had previously been based on information obtained more than ten years ago,” said Valeriia Starovoitova, Radiation Technology Coordination Officer at the IAEA.

“We will update the database regularly and strongly encourage professionals in the field to check it for the most recent information on the subject.”

Ionizing radiation can modify the physical, chemical and biological properties of materials and its most common applications include sterilization of health care products, food irradiation, environment preservation and materials modification for polymers. It is one of the most environment-friendly and cost-effective methods available in these areas.

DIIF augments the support IAEA provides countries in using irradiation applications by organizing training courses, promoting research and development through coordinated research projects and providing expertise and assistance related to irradiation facilities utilization.

For more information, visit the DIIF webpage.

An interactive map with information on nearly 300 gamma irradiators and electron accelerators from around the world is part of a new IAEA online database accessible free of charge.

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