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Virtual Training Course Identifies New Experts for ARTEMIS Review Service Missions


A recently held ARTEMIS (Integrated Review Service for Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel Management, Decommissioning and Remediation) meeting trained experts in the field of radioactive waste and spent fuel management to increase the number of experts for these specific missions that are scheduled to be undertaken by 2023 to one of the 17 European Member States.

ARTEMIS peer reviews are one of 24 different peer review and advisory services proposed by the IAEA to all IAEA Member States in the various domains of nuclear safety and security and nuclear energy.

 “Potential experts, received training on the roles and duties of team members during the ARTEMIS review service missions and useful tips and hints, based on the experience and lessons learned from previous missions, to apply to future missions,” said Gerard Bruno, Head of the IAEA Radioactive and Spent Fuel Management Unit. “The training aimed to ensure that the selected experts are well prepared for future missions that involves the required review of the implementation of safe and effective radioactive waste management programmes in a Member State and meeting expectations that guarantees the success of such missions.”

The training course included virtual role plays whereby participants acted as an ARTEMIS review team: they identified a Team Leader, assessed the advanced reference material and drafted their findings of their review which included recommendations, suggestions and good practices that they would address in an ARTEMIS peer review report to the requesting Member State.

The virtual training covered an introduction to the ARTEMIS GNSSN online platform.

Participants were given an overview on the benefits of an ARTEMIS review mission that includes: improved organizational performance; enhanced safety, optimized operations and reduced costs; improved transparency and stakeholder confidence, including with the general public; and strengthened credibility of decision-making processes from expert technical and programme perspectives.

“Organizers managed to replicate realistically many of the discussions and considerations that would likely arise during a real ARTEMIS peer review. I found it very interesting and informative,” commented Karl Littlewood, a Team Leader in the Decommissioning Sites Team at the Environment Agency, United Kingdom.

Over 50 participants from 16 Member States attended this virtual training course on the ARTEMIS review service from 30 November to 4 December.

Launched in 2014, ARTEMIS is as an integrated review mission that aims to better coordinate and apply IAEA resources in nuclear energy and nuclear safety to peer reviews that meet the needs of Member State institutions and programmes in nuclear-related areas. The scope of the ARTEMIS service covers both safety and technical considerations of spent fuel and radioactive waste management, decommissioning of facilities and remediation activities. It is built on the IAEA’s vast experience in providing international peer review missions in nuclear safety and technology fields.

ARTEMIS reviews provide independent expert opinion and advice, drawn from an international team of specialists convened by the IAEA. Reviews are based on the IAEA safety standards, technical guidance and international good practices.

The ARTEMIS review service is a cross-cutting, coordinated activity of the Division of Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety of the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security, and the Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology of the Department of Nuclear Energy.

To learn more about the process, search previous mission reports and more visit the ARTEMIS GNSSN online platform.

Last update: 09 Mar 2021

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