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Over 60 Scientific Manuscripts by the IAEA Available in New Online Repository

Launched in 2021, the IAEA Preprint Repository enables faster access to the work of the organization. (Image: A.Vargas/IAEA)

Launched in 2021, the IAEA Preprint Repository enables faster access to the work of the organization. (Image: A. Vargas/IAEA)

Although many major research institutions and organizations have developed preprint repositories, the IAEA is one of the first international organizations to have launched its own. Preprints are preliminary versions of books, chapters or academic articles that are in the process of being published. Featuring them online allows interested readers to consult scientific and technical content by the IAEA in a single location faster.

As a first step, the IAEA has made preprint versions of its books available to readers. There are currently over 60 preprints on the new IAEA Preprint Repository with more to be added in coming months.

“All over the world, science has been speeding up for the last several years. The IAEA is a big producer of technical and scientific material,” said Brian Bales, International Nuclear Information System (INIS) Coordinator at the IAEA. “The faster the material gets out, the closer it is to when the research was actually conducted, so the scientists around the world can make use of it faster.”

What is a preprint repository?

The standard workflow of a publication includes a drafting stage, a review stage and a publication stage.

Preprints are the stage between the final draft version and before publication. The IAEA Preprint Repository contains approved preprints of IAEA publications that have gone through approval and review processes, but they have not been edited or checked, before final layout and production in the official publication.

“We wanted to have an IAEA space where we could make available Agency material that is signed off in provisional form but not yet finalized and published – the primary aim is immediacy of access for researchers,” said Sophia Le Masurier, Head of Publications Marketing and Sales at the IAEA. “We also wanted to have a wider platform where we could eventually showcase other material that the IAEA is generating, including for example, journal articles submitted by IAEA staff to journals published by other publishers. The idea here is to eventually have one encompassing space to access a greater breadth of the Agency’s knowledge outputs.”

The repository records are permanent, with unchanging URLs and can be cited. The content, however, will be updated with links to the final publication, and the preprint pdf replaced by the publication when freely available for download. The preprint pdf will be maintained for publications that are restricted behind a paywall.

As a next step, the repository is foreseen to expand to include preprints of material authored by IAEA staff submitted to external publishing venues. In the future, the IAEA Preprint Repository will also provide space to collect and present material arising from the organization’s coordinated research projects and material presented at IAEA scientific conferences.

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