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New CRP: Performance Assessment of Storage Systems for Extended Durations (PASSED, CRP T13019)

New Coordinated Research Project

Spent Fuel Storage in TN-40 casks. Courtesy of Orano.

The IAEA is launching a new Coordinated Research Project (CRP) to help knowledge sharing, discussion and international collaboration on assessing the performance of spent nuclear fuel storage systems in extended use.

When most such storage systems were put into operation, they were designed to last between 20 and 50 years. Over the last six decades of wet storage, and four of dry storage, good performance has been reported and valuable operational experience gained. As these systems reach the end of their original, intended lifespans, work is underway to develop additional monitoring and inspection techniques.

The new four-year CRP “Performance Assessment of Storage Systems for Extended Durations” will collect and review operational experience and research results on the performance, monitoring and inspection of spent fuel storage systems, building on the knowledge collected and the expert network established through the previous CRPs:

  • Demonstrating Performance of Spent Fuel and Related Storage System Components During Very Long-Term Storage
  • Spent Fuel Assessment and Research
  • Ageing Management Programmes for Dry Storage Systems

To encourage information sharing, network building and promote fruitful collaboration, a joint workshop with the complementary CRP on “Spent Fuel Research and Assessment” (CRP SFERA) is planned for 2023.

CRP Objective

The main objective of the CRP PASSED is to strengthen technical knowledge on the long-term behaviour of wet and dry spent fuel storage systems, and on available inspection and monitoring technologies. Also, to report on topical research carried-out in participating countries, and document ongoing performance of spent fuel storage systems.

Research proposals will be solicited to address one or more of the specific objectives below.

Specific research objectives:

  • Identification of degradation mechanism of materials used in wet and dry spent fuel storage systems;
  • Examples and new available methods for maintenance and inspection on (i) wet and dry storage systems, (ii) transport casks (for on-site transfer and/or off-site transport), (iii) loaded cask system to qualify it for transportation (for on-site transfer and/or off-site transport);
  • Developments to monitor the containment of dry storage systems;
  • Developments to monitor the inside of the containment of dry storage systems;
  • Criteria and methodology to determine whether corrective action is required after storage system inspection and assessment of future transportability;
  • Operational experience on degradation (ageing effects) of wet and dry storage system components.

How to participate in this CRP

Please submit your Proposal for Research Contract or Agreement by email, no later than 30 April 2022, to the IAEA Research Contracts Administration Section, using the appropriate template on the CRA web portal. Note that the same template can be used for both research contract and technical contract. The IAEA encourages institutes to involve, to the extent possible, female researchers and young researchers in their proposals.

For further information related to this CRP, potential applicants should use the contact form under the CRP page.

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