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Initiatives in Nuclear Knowledge Management and Capacity Building

Signing Ceremony of the Practical Arrangements between Mr. Alexander Bychkov (centre), IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Nuclear Energy and Mr. Vyacheslav A. Pershukov (second from right), Deputy Director General ROSATOM at the IAEA 56th General Conference on 17 September 2012. Also in the picture is Mr. Sergey Kirienko (right), Director General of ROSATOM. (Photo: D.Calma/IAEA)

The IAEA, and Russia's State Atomic Energy Corporation, ROSATOM and the National Research Nuclear University (NRNU) MEPhI have signed Practical Arrangements in Vienna to cooperate in the development and implementation of IAEA projects. On 17 September 2012, Mr. Alexander Bychkov, IAEA Deputy Director General for Nuclear Energy; Mr. Vyacheslav A. Pershukov, Deputy Director General, ROSATOM; and Mr. Mikhail N. Strikhanov, Rector, NRNU MEPhI, signed these Arrangements. Director General of ROSATOM, Mr. Sergey Kirienko, also participated in the ceremony and he stressed the importance of nuclear education and nuclear knowledge management in newcomer countries.

The IAEA and ROSATOM will collaborate to develop specialized knowledge packages for different types of reactors within the scope of existing IAEA activities and will also cooperate in the development and implementation of IAEA projects on archiving information and retaining critical knowledge.

The agreement between the IAEA and the NRNU MEPhI supports developing innovative and modern educational technologies in nuclear education, including the introduction of the IAEA Cyber Learning Platform (CLP) at the NRNU MEPhI and access to the NRNU MEPhI virtual laboratories and courses.

"We believe that our already established relationship will be further enhanced and strengthened, and that our joint efforts foreseen in these Practical Arrangements will certainly lead to strengthening the Agency's support to other Member States," says Alexander Bychkov.


The State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM incorporates more than 250 enterprises and scientific institutions, including all civil nuclear companies of Russia, nuclear-weapon facilities, research organizations and the world's only nuclear-propelled fleet. ROSATOM - the largest utility in Russia - produces more than 40% of the electricity in the country's European region. ROSATOM holds leading positions in the world market of nuclear technologies, being the 1st in the world for simultaneous nuclear build abroad; 2nd in uranium reserves; 5th in uranium mining; and 4th in nuclear electricity generation. Moreover, it provides 40% of the world's uranium enrichment services and covers 17% of the world's nuclear fuel market.

The NRNU MEPhI is the main university of ROSATOM and a leading university of the Russian Nuclear Education Network with an outstanding base of experience in informing, attracting and preparing the younger generation to enter nuclear professions, and also in training and retraining nuclear professionals. The NRNU MEPhI unites the head university in Moscow, ten specialized branch universities and nine colleges, implementing all programmes of multilevel education in different areas of nuclear science and technology and develops and introduces innovative programmes in education and research. Besides running internationally recognized nuclear engineering programmes, the NRNU is successfully engaged in research and development activities for the nuclear industry.

Last update: 27 Jul 2017

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