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  • Networking Networks:
    Nuclear Education Networks representatives met in Vienna from 15 to 19 June

    Networking Networks

    02-07-2015 | Multimedia technologies, 3D-visualizations, digital libraries, internet research reactors, simulators – all these and other modern techniques were discussed, together with current educational methodologies and trends on an annual meeting on networking nuclear education. 31 professors and trainers from 26 countries met last week in the IAEA headquarters, to share last year’s achievements and results from their national and regional network activities for supporting high quality nuclear education. Read more...

  • Bridging the Gap: 2015 IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School Commences in Japan

    NEM school Japan

    05-06-2015 | An IAEA school currently under way in Japan serves as an effective response tool to overcome one of the major challenges in the nuclear sector: Bridging the gap of management experience and knowledge between the industry’s veterans and the professionals who will succeed them. Read more...

  • Management: Key to Future of Nuclear Energy


    27-05-2015 | Transferring knowledge on managerial issues to the next generation of nuclear power executives is the goal of an ongoing course hosted by the United Arab Emirates and the IAEA. 

  • NEW CRP: Sustainable Education in Nuclear Science and Technology (L53003) Proposal deadline: 20 June.


    11-03-2015 | The objective of this CRP is to provide Member States' organizations involved in nuclear education and training with relevant and validated information, which will support them in advancing nuclear education. Read more...

  • Next Nuclear Knowledge Management School


    09-03-2015 |The next edition of the Nuclear Knowledge Management School will take place from September 7 to 11, in Trieste, Italy. Please be aware that the dead line for registration is March 10th.
    Three reasons to attend the school?
    You will have a unique opportunity to benefit from a high quality, intensive education and training on implementation of nuclear knowledge management, guided by a teaching staff composed of the most renowned specialists in the field, sharing views and experience on with experts and with international peers in a studious yet convivial atmosphere. 
    For more information please visit NKM school, and ictp website for the registration.

  • The Role of Computer-Based Educational Laboratories in Nuclear Engineering University Programmes


    05-12-2014 | The Russian National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI" (NRNU MEPhI) in cooperation with the IAEA is organizing the Second Regional workshop on "The role of computer-based educational laboratories in Nuclear Engineering University Programs". The workshop will be held 17-19 March 2015 at the NRNU MEPhI, Moscow, Russian Federation. Read more...

  • The Challenge of Managing Nuclear Knowledge

    14-10-2014 | Nuclear knowledge is a critical resource and asset that needs to be managed carefully, participants at a recent event during the IAEA 58th General Conference heard.

  • Enhancing Expertise in Nuclear Technology

    25-09-2014 | Sixteen graduates of the European Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering (EMSNE) programme received their awards at a ceremony held at the IAEA on 25 September 2014.

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