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IAEA Launches Student Competition for Innovative IT Projects Supporting Education in Nuclear Technology


The IAEA is organizing an international student competition inviting secondary school students aged between 14-18 to design and develop an original project on the use of digital technologies to support education in nuclear technology and its role in addressing climate change.

The competition, organized in conjunction with the International Conference on Nuclear Knowledge Management and Human Resources Development, aims to help raise awareness among young generations and engage them in nuclear education. The winners will be announced at the Conference to be held in Moscow from 15-19 June 2020. Five finalist teams will win a one-week trip to Moscow to attend and present their projects at the conference, where the winner will be selected.

Projects should promote discussion and increase awareness of the various ways that digital technologies can be used for education in the field of nuclear technology, including aspects of its role in addressing climate change. Examples include digital games, quizzes, online learning platforms, digital interactive outreach and social media campaigns to educate peers or members of community about the impacts of nuclear technology. The projects should demonstrate an understanding of at least one aspect in which nuclear technology can address climate change, from a global or local community perspective.

“The competition is a great opportunity for young students not only to be engaged in nuclear technology education but also challenged to come up with innovative and creative ideas that inspire others to use them in their countries, organizations or communities,” said Pal Vincze, Head of the IAEA Nuclear Power and Engineering Section.

Project abstracts are open for submission until 31 January 2020 and must be submitted by teams of at least three students and one qualified teacher. There is no upper limit to a team’s size, although only three students and a teacher per finalist team will be invited and financially supported to attend the conference. Submitted project proposals will be evaluated by relevant experts including IAEA staff.

In the first selection round, shortlisted teams will be invited to implement their project proposals and submit digital media presentations by 20 March 2020, in which they will present and demonstrate the implementation details and outcomes of the project. The top five selected teams will be invited and sponsored to attend the week long conference in Moscow, where they will present their projects to the jury and the winner will be announced. The finalist teams will also be invited to visit local schools and institutions and attend side events.

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