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IAEA Briefs: New Series for Policymakers


The IAEA launched a new publication series — the IAEA Briefs — to inform decision makers on how they can best make use of its services to enhance capacity and support development. Launched last autumn, the Briefs cover a wide range of topics on the applications of nuclear science and technology and also provide recommendations for consideration to IAEA Member States.

Region specific issues are also addressed. The IAEA Brief on Enhancing Patient Care in Africa Through Safe Medical Imaging highlights the importance of having well qualified medical physicists in Africa to handle high-tech medical imaging equipment such as multi-slice helical computed tomography scanners.

Another recent IAEA Brief on Detecting and Treating Cervical Cancer Using Diagnostic Imaging Techniques and Radiotherapy focuses on the IAEA’s support to Member states in Latin America and the Caribbean, and how nuclear medicine and radiation therapy offer rapid diagnosis and effective treatment for various types of cancer, including cervical.

The document details IAEA assistance to Member States to enhance their national cancer care programme for cervical cancer through training, expert assistance, fellowships and the procurement of equipment.

The third in the IAEA Brief series, Using Nuclear Techniques to Assess Breastfeeding Practices for Better Nutrition and Health, draws attention to the use of stable isotope techniques to evaluate activities to improve infant and young child feeding practices.

The Brief provides information about various IAEA projects in Member States to assist them gain competencies in applying the techniques that provide accurate and objective data on breastfeeding practices.

The IAEA plans to publish six more IAEA Briefs this year.

IAEA Factsheets

The IAEA is updating its collection of factsheets and has included new information of interest. The factsheets highlight the IAEA’s multi-dimensional work in the peaceful applications of nuclear technology in energy, health, industry, food and agriculture as well as nuclear safety and security, and safeguards and verification. For example, under the theme Nuclear Safety and Security, a number of new factsheets highlight a range of areas such as computer and information security, the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and its Amendment and nuclear forensics.

Another factsheet that explains the IAEA’s support and activities to fight the disease-transmitting mosquitoes can be found under the Health theme titled: The Zika virus mosquitoes: How can the sterile insect technique help?

The collection of factsheets can be found here.


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