Radiation and quality assurance

Using nuclear technology to diagnose and treat disease requires a quality assurance programme that ensures that the clinical application of radiation in the long term is of high quality, safe and effective. This reduces the likelihood of accidents and errors and contributes to optimized diagnosis and treatment.

  • Radiation basics

    Radiation is everywhere; living on this planet means being exposed to natural radiation. Artificial radiation has been used successfully in the last centuries for medical diagnosis and treatment of pathologies like cancer. The IAEA provides support to Member States to achieve safe and effective patient diagnosis and treatment using radiation. Read more →

  • Getting the dose right

    Getting the dose right

    Too little radiation can be ineffective, while too much can be harmful. Therefore, utmost care must be taken when administering a radiation dose. The IAEA provides calibration and postal dose audit services and develops internationally harmonized dosimetry codes of practice and guidelines for hospitals and calibration laboratories worldwide. Read more →

  • Quality assurance in radiation. AKH Vienna, Austria

    Quality assurance in radiation

    Quality assurance consists of structured procedures and actions aimed at maintaining a high level of quality diagnosis or treatment of patients. Increasing complexity of medical technology requires specialized and systematic verifications to ensure quality and effectiveness and avoid accidents. Read more →

  • Radiation protection. AKH Vienna, Austria

    Radiation protection

    The use of ionizing radiation in medicine, energy production, industry, and research brings enormous benefits to people when it is used safely. However, the potential radiation risk must be assessed and controlled. The IAEA develops safety standards to protect the health and minimize the danger to people’s life and property associated with such use. Read more →


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