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Call for Synopses for Fifth International Conference on Nuclear Power Plant Life Management


Interested participants have until 30 November 2021 to submit synopses for a presentation at the fifth International Conference on Nuclear Power Plant Life Management, to be held in Osaka, Japan from 16-19 May 2022.

Even though the life of a nuclear power plant is typically 30-40 years, the operational lifetime of many plants is extended following a comprehensive review. In most Member States, the task of ageing management is assigned to an engineering discipline called plant life management. Plant life management can be defined as the integration of ageing and economic planning for the purpose of maintaining a high level of safety and optimizing plant performance by addressing extended life ageing issues, maintenance prioritization, periodic safety reviews, education and training.

The conference aims to provide a forum for information exchange on national and international practices as well as regulatory approaches related to plant life management for long-term operation, considering the sustainability, safety and efficiency of nuclear power plants.

Topics to be covered during the conference’s six main technical sessions will include:

  • Approaches to plant life management
  • Economics of plant life management
  • Aging management and preparation of long-term operation
  • Configuration and modification management for safety enhancement and improved reliability
  • Stakeholder engagement, human factors and managerial aspects
  • Regulatory approaches to aging management and long-term operation

The conference will include panel discussions on the topics of the technical sessions and a discussion with high level technical experts on the current challenges for the long-term operation of NPPs.

Those wishing to present at the conference – either orally or in the form of a poster – must submit a 500-600 word synopsis through the conference’s digital file submission system (IAEA-INDICO) and register online using the InTouch+ platform. The deadline for synopsis submission and online registration is 30 November 2021.

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