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Call for Papers: International Symposium on Trends in Radiopharmaceuticals 2023


Interested contributors have until 30 September 2022 to submit abstracts for the IAEA’s International Symposium on Trends in Radiopharmaceuticals (ISTR-2023), to be held from 17 to 21 April 2023 at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

Radiopharmaceuticals are a crucial component of nuclear medicine. They are used for both diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, carrying radioisotopes to specific targets such as organs, tissues or cells within the human body. Diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals are used to detect tumors and other health problems, while therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals destroy cancerous cells, and, depending on the stage of the cancer, either cure patients or improve palliative care.

“Advances in nuclear medicine have opened up possibilities to generate unprecedented solutions to clinical problems by providing better diagnosis and more efficient therapies,” said Amirreza Jalilian, Radiopharmacist at the IAEA. “Impressive technologies, including high-energy and high-current accelerators, are now becoming available for radioisotope production, which enables the development of new radiopharmaceuticals. This symposium presents a unique opportunity to experts in this field to get together and exchange know-how and best practices.”  

Currently, more than 80 per cent of radiopharmaceuticals are used for medical scans to diagnose non-communicable diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. The number of medical procedures involving the use of radioisotopes is also growing worldwide due to the clinically significant observed impacts of new generation radiopharmaceuticals, with a clear emphasis on targeted therapy using therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals for cancer treatment.

The Symposium will bring together (radio)chemists, (radio)pharmacists, biologists, physicists, technologists, medical researchers, policy makers, health regulators, educators and other professionals working in the fields of production and uses of medical radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals. 

Discussion topics will include challenges and opportunities in the development, production and uses of diagnostic, therapeutic and theranostic radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals, and regulatory and licensing issues. Discussions will also cover current needs in terms of continuous education in radiopharmaceutical sciences, and certification and training methodologies for radiopharmacists.

“The Symposium serves as a platform to foster new initiatives and collaborations between academia, industries and national institutions,” said Aruna Korde, Radiopharmaceutical Scientist at the IAEA. “It is an opportunity for individuals from across the globe, and at all career stages, to come together and strengthen the network and knowledge base of radiopharmaceutical sciences.”

Guidelines for the submission of abstracts are available here.

Attendance at the conference is free of charge and there is no registration fee.

Follow the Symposium on social media with #ISTR2023.

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