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IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme: Building Capacities in the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Technology

28 November 2013
The IAEA technical cooperation (TC) programme is the main mechanism through which the IAEA delivers services to its Member States. Through the programme, the IAEA helps Member States to build, strengthen and maintain capacities in the safe, peaceful and secure use of nuclear technology in support of sustainable socioeconomic development. The TC programme provides the necessary skills and equipment to its Member States through training courses, expert missions, fellowships, scientific visits, and many other activities.Training courses provided through the technical cooperation programme cover a wide range of topics related to the peaceful application of nuclear technology in various sectors. This approach helps build local expertise, and strengthens networking by bringing together researchers and technicians from across the developing world. Training fellowships prepare local personnel to apply nuclear techniques in the national sector. Fellows are sent abroad for comprehensive training in a suitable institution for periods ranging from several months to a few years.
Scientific visits are awarded to senior staff in order to broaden the scientific or managerial qualifications of specialists in developing countries. Scientific visits may have a duration of up to two weeks. The IAEA organizes workshops to help Member States establish their strategies, develop and review their plans, and train staff, with the help of subject matter experts in nuclear science and technology from around the world. Expert assistance makes available on-the-spot in-country training by a recognized expert. Expert missions may be of a few weeks’ duration or may extend to a whole year. The Agency organizes meetings under its technical cooperation programme. Meetings may be held to work out a set of recommendations and advice, or to analyse aspects of individual projects or of specific programmatic areas.Through symposia, the IAEA brings together experts in topics related to the IAEA’s work to discuss new developments in their respective areas and to exchange know-how.Conferences support the exchange of ideas between experts and specialists from various countries. Side events to major conferences offer participants the opportunity to learn more about certain aspects of the IAEA’s technical cooperation work.The IAEA organizes seminars to provide information about a specific topic to Member States and staff through lectures and presentations. Photos: IAEA 
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Design and captions: Katerina Monikainen


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