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12 January 2018
Research reactors have often more than research functions, they are used for education and training, material testing and modification, and for the production of radioisotopes for medical and industrial applications. Like nuclear power reactors, research reactors are required to adhere to the highest safety standards. The 5MW Jordan Research and Training Reactor (JRTR) is the latest of this kind. It was built on the campus of the Jordan University for Science and Technology and received the operation license on 12 November 2017.

Jordan’s New Research Reactor: A Virtual Tour

Take a peek inside one of the world's newest research reactors, which received its operation license last November. 

21 December 2017

Содействие торговле без ущерба для безопасности страны: Шри Ланка использует инструмент оценки радиационной сигнализации и грузов (TRACE), разработанный МАГАТЭ

За последние десятилетия в целях обнаружения контрабандного ядерного материала и снижения таким образом риска ядерного терроризма власти стран по всему миру установили на пунктах пересечения границ и в морских портах более 10 000 радиационных портальных мониторов (РПМ).

21 December 2017

Helping Trade while Keeping Sri Lanka Secure: the IAEA’s Tool for Radiation Alarm and Commodity Evaluation (TRACE)

To catch smuggled nuclear material, and so reduce the risk of nuclear terrorism, authorities around the world have – over the last decades – installed more than 10 000 radiation portal monitors (RPMs) at borders and seaports.

21 December 2017

Aider au commerce tout en préservant la sécurité de Sri Lanka : l’Outil d’évaluation des alarmes dues à des rayonnements et d’évaluation des produits (TRACE) de l’AIEA

Afin de mettre la main sur les matières nucléaires de contrebande et de réduire ainsi le risque de terrorisme nucléaire, des autorités dans le monde entier ont installé, au cours des dernières décennies, plus de 10 000 portiques de détection des rayonnements aux frontières et dans les ports maritimes.

21 December 2017



21 December 2017

TRACE, el Instrumento del OIEA para Evaluar las Alarmas por Radiación y las Mercancías, ayuda a facilitar el comercio y a mantener la seguridad física en Sri Lanka

En los últimos decenios, autoridades de todo el mundo han instalado en puestos fronterizos y puertos marítimos más de 10 000 pórticos detectores de radiación con el fin de interceptar material nuclear de contrabando y, de ese modo, reducir el riesgo de terrorismo nuclear.

14 December 2017

Argentina Tackles Fly Pests Using Nuclear Technology

Argentina tackles insect pests using nuclear technology.

7 December 2017

Costa Rica utiliza la ciencia nuclear para ayudar al sector de la piña a adoptar unas prácticas más ecológicas

7 December 2017

Costa Rica Uses Nuclear Science to Help Green its Pineapple Sector

4 December 2017

Securing Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities: Applying IAEA Guidance

The IAEA assists States in strengthening physical protection regimes in a coherent and comprehensive manner and Nuclear Security Series No.13 (Rev.5) is an integral tool in these efforts.

22 November 2017
The IAEA monitors nuclear material and facilities around the world to provide credible assurances that nuclear technology is only used for peaceful purposes. Over 800 people work at the IAEA Department of Safeguards, each bringing their own unique skills and background. This photo essay highlights six of our staff members: two inspectors, a systems engineer, a spectrometry specialist, a safeguards containment engineer and an IT systems analyst. These are just some of the faces of safeguards who work to make sure that the IAEA fulfils its mission.

Faces of Safeguards

The IAEA monitors nuclear material and facilities around the world to provide credible assurances that nuclear technology is only used for peaceful purposes.

21 November 2017

A Look Inside the Heart: Nuclear Medicine in Argentina


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