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International Conference on Nuclear Knowledge Management and Human Resources Development

1-5 July 2024, Vienna, Austria

International Conference on Nuclear Knowledge Management and Human Resources Development 2024


Nuclear knowledge management and human resources development present both challenges and opportunities for the nuclear industry due to its unique nature and evolving global landscape. Opportunities arise in addressing these challenges and enhancing the effectiveness and sustainability of the nuclear operations.

An appropriate knowledgeable and experienced multigenerational workforce, with strong safety and security culture, is required by the long lifecycle of a nuclear facility. One of the major challenges is, therefore, the preservation and transfer of knowledge from experienced professionals to the subsequent generations. When a significant portion of the nuclear workforce approaches retirement, there is a risk of losing critical expertise and institutional memory. The capture, documentation, and transfer of this knowledge is needed to ensure continuity and prevent knowledge gaps.

The IAEA as a global hub for the exchange, dissemination and preservation of nuclear knowledge and information, has previously organized six International Conferences on Nuclear Knowledge Management (NKM) and Human Resources Development (HRD), including education and training and capacity building.

Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the event is to review global developments related to nuclear knowledge management and human resources development; consider the current and future challenges and opportunities; provide participants with practical solutions that they can use at organizational, national and international level; and develop and maintain the human resources needed to support safe and sustainable nuclear power programmes.

Target Audience

The conference is directed mainly at the staff of utilities, research and design organizations, regulatory bodies and manufacturing and service companies, universities and training centres, as well as government decision makers concerned with near, medium- and long-term nuclear energy needs.


To demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, the IAEA will organize this conference as a 'green meeting' according to the guidelines of the Austrian Ecolabel.

There will be a focus on the areas of paper smart documentation, waste reduction and recycling, and environmentally friendly catering.

Conference App

The IAEA Conferences and Meetings App provides a one-stop access to information on the Conference, exhibitions and scheduled side events. The app also allows users to put together their own personalized schedule of events. Via this app participants will be able to view contributed papers and the latest conference programme, message other participants, and view PowerPoint presentations released after the event. Participants will receive an email inviting them to register for the app approximately one week before the conference.

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