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International Conference on Nuclear Knowledge Management and Human Resources Development - IAEA proSTEM Challenge

1-5 July 2024, Vienna, Austria

International Conference on Nuclear Knowledge Management and Human Resources Development 2024

IAEA proSTEM Challenge: Innovative Ideas to Attract and Develop Young Talents in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)


The IAEA proSTEM Challenge invites people 18 years and older (individual participants or teams - maximum 4 team members) from utilities, universities and training centres, secondary and vocational schools, research and design organizations, regulatory bodies, manufacturing and service companies, as well as young students and professionals from different areas related to the energy sector, to propose their innovative ideas and outreach projects on attracting and developing the new generation of workforce in STEM related specialities. Any form of innovative medium is welcome, including audio, video, written, poetic, artistic, journalistic, futuristic, etc. The IAEA proSTEM Challenge is open to participants from IAEA Member States only.

Stage 1: Abstracts

Submissions for the contest should be sent to the IAEA focal point at: proSTEM-Challenge-2024@iaea.org 

The subject line of the e-mail should be: [proSTEM Challenge] Project Abstract (Name, Country).

Each submission should include the following: (a) Short description of ideas and projects (maximum 300 words), submitted as PDF file (using the template), providing the outline of what will be produced, including motivation, outcome, methods, further thoughts, etc.; and (b) Contact details (name(s) and date(s) of birth, professional or educational organization, full address), specified in the email.

Abstracts must be submitted in English.

The deadline for submission is 10 January 2024 29 January 2024 (midnight (CET)). Applications submitted after this time will not be considered. Once an application has been submitted, it cannot be revised.

Stage 2: Digital Media/Video Presentation/Other Form of Innovative Media

Shortlisted participants will be informed by latest 10 February 2024 23 February 2024 and asked to upload their projects to a freely accessible platform from where they can be downloaded. The subject line of the e-mail should be: [proSTEM Challenge] Project (Name, Country). Once the project is submitted it cannot then be revised, keeping the same URL (same as YouTube).

Each submission should be: (a) A video, digital media presentation, etc., summarizing the implementation details, outcomes and impacts of the proposal (max. 3 minutes) (b) Free of copyrighted materials such as music, images and video clips that may violate or infringe upon the copyright of any other person or organization. It is the responsibility of the participants and not of the IAEA to ensure that all contents used in the project does not violate any copyrights or that an appropriate copyright permission is obtained.

Projects in a language other than English must have English subtitles. Videos can be filmed with mobile phones in landscape mode.

By submitting the project summary, participants agree to assign to the IAEA the copyright to publish the project on the IAEA website, social media and other platforms and certify that no other rights have been granted which could conflict with the right hereby given to the IAEA.

The deadline for submission is 29 March 2024 26 April 2024 (midnight (CET)). If an infringement of copyright is notified at any stage of the competition, the participant will be immediately disqualified.

Stage 3: Finalist and Winner Selection

The submission can be completed individually or in a team (maximum 4 team members, only one person per winning team will be awarded). Participants (individual or teams) may submit no more than one entry.

In the selection process, specific attention will be paid to diversity, including gender and geographic distribution, to ensure the variety of perspectives and approaches to attract and young talents to STEM.

Five finalists (individual or teams) will be informed by the latest 30 April 2024 31 May 2024 and given the opportunity to travel to Vienna to present their proposals at an event during the IAEA International Conference on Nuclear Knowledge Management and Human Resource Development: Challenges and Opportunities in Vienna, Austria, on 1-5 July 2024. Required additional documents for persons selected to participate in this Conference include: (a) Participation Form (Form A); (b) Template for Submission of Project (Form B) and (c) Grant Application Form (Form C).

All finalists will be awarded an IAEA certificate and an award (details to be confirmed). For any questions regarding the contest, please contact NKM-HRD2024@iaea.org.

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