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International Conference on Nuclear Security: Shaping the Future - Nuclear Security Delegation for the Future

20-24 May 2024, Vienna, Austria

The deadline for submissions is 1 February 2024

Nuclear Security Delegation for the Future

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is launching the inaugural Nuclear Security Delegation for the Future – an exceptional opportunity for future leaders to gain real world experience in leadership, diplomacy, and international nuclear security. The IAEA is now accepting applications from motivated students and early career professionals who wish to take part in this exciting initiative.

The Nuclear Security Delegation for the Future aims to identify the next generation of nuclear security specialists and contribute to their professional development. This programme will offer a unique platform for accepted participants to learn, collaborate, and contribute to the advancement of nuclear security on a global stage.

Ten outstanding applicants will be selected ahead of the IAEA’s fourth International Conference on Nuclear Security (ICONS): Shaping the Future, to be held at its Headquarters in Vienna, Austria, from 20 to 24 May 2024. These selectees will meet in the weeks leading up to the conference to form an international Nuclear Security Delegation for the Future. Delegates will be asked to collaborate closely, drawing on their individual academic and professional backgrounds to discuss the future of nuclear security. These discussions will culminate with a presentation of their deliberations at ICONS 2024. Through this joint effort, the Nuclear Security Delegation for the Future will tangibly demonstrate cooperative global leadership among young nuclear security professionals while actively contributing to the international discussion surrounding nuclear security.


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