Technical Meeting on Supply Chain Management and Oversight of Service Suppliers

3 – 6 Dec 2019
Paris, France
Event code: EVT1804434

Various suppliers provide related products and services for nuclear power plant (NPP) operators throughout the plant's life cycle, including siting, design, construction, operation and decommissioning. All suppliers need to comply with well-established requirements and have a pool of their own suppliers and subcontractors that provide parts and services.  

In recent years, the construction and operation of nuclear facilities and related activities have been impacted by significant supply chain-related concerns. New challenges include a shortage of skilled suppliers and contractors, shrinking number of manufacturing bases in established nuclear countries, increased supply chain length, shortened product life cycles, emerging new materials, advances in information technology, new technological processes and standards, and the globalization of supply sources. 

The purpose of this technical meeting is to share experiences and lessons learned from the management and oversight of service suppliers and contractors for operating NPPs and new NPP projects in different Member States; to identify how to qualify and assess the competence of these suppliers; to review an IAEA document on NPP contractor competence; and to provide recommendations to the IAEA on relevant follow-up activities.

The meeting will provide a forum to share lessons learned and good practices related to:

  • The relationship between supply chain management and the management system;
  • The role of informed customers in managing and overseeing supply;
  • How to ensure quality in supply of items and services by qualifying suppliers;
  • Practices for oversight at the beginning and during supply;
  • The evaluation of supplier performance;
  • The management of non-conformance;
  • Dealing with counterfeit, fraudulent and suspect items;
  • New solutions for manufacturing (e.g. additive manufacturing) and the related oversight;
  • Oversight of on-site and off-site service suppliers/contractors;
  • Justification/dedication of commercial grade items to safety related uses; and other relevant topics.


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