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ICTP-IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School 2019

7 – 18 Oct 2019
Trieste, Italy
Event code: EVT1701802

The School is a certificate course introducing participants to the foundation skills and knowledge required to successfully manage and lead a nuclear energy programme. The target audience for this school is new and young nuclear professionals entering the field of nuclear energy and nuclear technology.

Jointly organized by ICTP and the IAEA since 2010, the objectives of this School are to:

  • Provide an international educational experience and an opportunity for worldwide networking to future leaders and managers of nuclear energy;
  • Raise awareness of participants about recent developments in nuclear energy;
  • Broaden participants’ understanding on key issues and challenges associated with peaceful uses of nuclear energy; and
  • Introduce participants to the leadership and managerial competencies needed to successfully run the national nuclear energy programme.

Technical visits to nuclear facilities form an essential practical element of the curriculum and students are asked to work on special projects relevant to the development of nuclear energy programmes. Participants will be selected based on an online pre-training course and a test.

Topics covered at the school include:

  • Introduction to the IAEA and nuclear technology
  • IAEA and its services
  • Overview of nuclear applications
  • The concept of risk
  • Climate change and the economics of nuclear energy
  • An integrated approach to human resource development and nuclear knowledge management
  • Management and leadership in a nuclear organization
  • Stakeholder involvement and public communication
  • Nuclear safety
  • Nuclear security
  • Nuclear safeguards
  • Emergency planning, preparedness and response
  • Radiation safety and protection
  • Nuclear law
  • Nuclear power
  • New nuclear builds
  • Basic principles of nuclear power plant operation
  • Nuclear fuel cycle and waste management

How to apply:

Register online here.

A limited number of grants are available to support the attendance of selected participants, with priority given to participants from developing countries. There is no registration fee.


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