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Seventh GIF-INPRO/IAEA Interface Meeting

28 Feb – 1 Mar 2013
Vienna, Austria
Event code: CS

Synergies between the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) and INPRO have been confirmed in six interface meetings held since 2003. The common goal of both initiatives is to contribute to the sustainable development of nuclear energy within the century.

INPRO's activities are centred on the key concepts of global nuclear energy sustainability and the development of long-range nuclear energy strategies. GIF is focused on developing six selected innovative nuclear reactor concepts and suitable tools necessary to analyse different options related to the new reactor concepts.

The objectives of the 7th GIF-INPRO/IAEA Interface meeting are to:

  • Share information on the progress status and future plans of activities related to R&D and technology innovation of nuclear energy systems;
  • Monitor progress on the action items agreed in the previous interface meeting;
  • Continue exploring new areas having potential of cooperation, identifying action items and establishing priorities for further consideration;
  • Discuss the results and future actions discussed at the 3rd Joint GIF-IAEA/INPRO Workshop on Safety Design Criteria of Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors held at the IAEA on 26-27 February 2013.


All presentations are available in the IAEA INIS Database.

(reportnumber: INIS-XA--19K0083)


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