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IAEA Net Zero Challenge: Meet the Finalists

Developing policy recommendations for transition to net zero energy systems with nuclear power

Date and time

Monday, 20 September 2021
15:00 - 16:30 CET

Conference Room C3, C Building, 7th floor

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Concrete and concise policy recommendations are needed for an accelerated transition to net zero, and young people should be involved in their development, as the new generation that will continue defining and building a better future for all. The IAEA Net Zero Challenge is aimed at encouraging young people to take an active role in developing policies that concern their future.

The Challenge was launched on 22 June 2021, inviting people aged from 18 to 35 to propose policy recommendations which focus on creating an enabling environment for increased use of nuclear power and other low-carbon energy technologies, in order to accelerate the transition to net zero energy systems. The participants were asked to answer the question: “How can nuclear energy alongside other low carbon sources help your country or region to achieve their net zero targets?” through clear and concise policy recommendations.

A committee established by the IAEA and its partners will select the 6 best papers whose authors will be invited to present their work at  the event during the 65th IAEA General Conference in September 2021, entitled the IAEA Net Zero Challenge: Meet the Finalists. The five finalists will present their policy recommendations in a format of five-minute video pitches. During this virtual event, the committee will select the winner of the challenge, who will be offered an opportunity to attend an IAEA event at the upcoming COP26 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. Should the Covid-19 pandemic situation disrupt this plan, an alternative reward will be provided to the winner. All five finalists will be awarded certificates signed by an IAEA senior official recognizing their efforts in analyzing and making policy suggestions for low carbon energy systems transition.


Ms Bianca CARPINELLI, IAEA Division of Planning, Information and Knowledge Management

Mr Denis SUBBOTNITSKIY, IAEA Division of Planning, Information and Knowledge Management

Finalists' Presentations and Q&A

Mr Samuel JOHNSON, United States of America
Mr Siyun LEE, Republic of Korea
Ms Claire LI, Singapore
Mr Oliver MARSHALL, United Kingdom
Ms Olga SUKHORUKOVA, Russian Federation
Ms Deborah SELEMON, Nigeria

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