67th IAEA General Conference

25 – 29 September 2023, Vienna International Centre, Vienna

67th IAEA General Conference (2023) Resolutions and Decisions

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Resolutions Adopted by the General Conference

Approval of the Appointment of the Director GeneralPDF iconGC(67)/RES/1
The Agency's Financial Statements for 2022PDF iconGC(67)/RES/2
Regular Budget Appropriations for 2024PDF iconGC(67)/RES/3
Technical Cooperation Fund AllocationPDF iconGC(67)/RES/4
The Working Capital Fund for 2024PDF iconGC(67)/RES/5
Scale of Assessment of Member States' Contributions towards the Regular Budget for 2024PDF iconGC(67)/RES/6
Nuclear and Radiation SafetyPDF iconGC(67)/RES/7
Nuclear SecurityPDF iconGC(67)/RES/8
Strengthening of the Agency's Technical Cooperation ActivitiesPDF iconGC(67)/RES/9
Strengthening the Agency's activities related to nuclear science, technology and applicationsPDF iconGC(67)/RES/10
Strengthening the effectiveness and improving the efficiency of Agency safeguardsPDF iconGC(67)/RES/11
Implementation of the NPT safeguards agreement between the Agency and the Democratic People's Republic of KoreaPDF iconGC(67)/RES/12
Application of IAEA safeguards in the Middle EastPDF iconGC(67)/RES/13
Status of Palestine in the IAEAPDF iconGC(67)/RES/14
Restoration of the Sovereign Equality of Member States in the IAEAPDF iconGC(67)/RES/15
Nuclear safety, security and safeguards in UkrainePDF iconGC(67)/RES/16
PersonnelPDF iconGC(67)/RES/17
Examination of Delegates' CredentialsPDF iconGC(67)/RES/18
Examination of Delegates' Credentials PDF iconGC(67)/RES/19
Resolutions adopted and other relevant Decisions taken during the 67th regular session of the General ConferencePDF iconGC(67)/RES/DEC(2023)

Decisions of the General Conference

Amendment to Article XIV.A of the StatutePDF iconGC(67)/DEC/9
Amendment to Article VI of the StatutePDF iconGC(67)/DEC/10

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