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Radiation Safety Technical Services

The Radiation Safety Technical Services laboratory provides radiation monitoring and protection services for activities under IAEA control or supervision that could involve exposure to radiation.

The laboratory offers individual and workplace monitoring, radiation protection training and consultation as well as loans of radiation survey equipment. Each year, it monitors the exposures of almost 3 000 individuals involved in activities in about 90 countries and conducts more than 30 500 workplace measurements in support of IAEA activities.

Individual monitoring is carried out to ascertain radiation doses received by workers exposed to external and internal sources of radiation. Such monitoring is needed to ensure that activities are conducted safely and that exposure levels stay below regulatory thresholds. Workplace monitoring is carried out to ensure that radiation levels in the Agency’s workplaces remain within safe levels and to support the planning and execution of work with radiation sources.

These services are accredited according to the international standard ISO/IEC 17025, which demonstrates the technical competence and the impartiality of the laboratory in providing valid results.

Experts from various countries take part in training at the laboratory, learning about quality management systems and accredited methods to assess radiation doses.

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