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Part III: Utilizing Communication Channels

Date and time

Wednesday, 5 May 2021
15:00 – 16:30 Vienna, Austria Time

Recording →


Topics in the GNSSCOM webinar series, are based on key recommendations identified in survey results, reflecting needs of Member States’ to advance their awareness, aptitude and support for working with interested parties.

Survey respondents noted that there are people responsible for consultation and communication with interested parties, as well as people responsible for ensuring freedom of information in nuclear energy field. However, there is a need to improve communication with the public and media so that they are aware of activities, requirements, functions.

This webinar will look at how to identify and utilize communication channels as a mechanism for strategically engaging with and informing interested parties.


Ekaette Bassey, Information Manager, Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Nigeria

Ivonne L. Couret, Public Affairs Officer, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, United States

Gülfem Demiray, Communications Manager, Nuclear Energy Agency


Danielle Dahlstrom, International expert on safety and security communication

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