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Part II: Developing Communication Plans

Date and time

Wednesday, 7 April 2021
4pm CET

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The Global Nuclear Safety and Security Communication Network (GNSSCOM) is a network for IAEA Member States to connect and collaborate with the goal of improving communication effectiveness, consultation and overall interaction with interested parties, and building public trust in the nuclear and radiation safety and security field. With a view to strengthening GNSSCOM by creating an informed and data-driven approach to Member States’ needs, the IAEA conducted a survey in 2020, which was sent to all Member States and regulatory authorities to elicit their feedback and insights.


As noted in the report from the 3rd GNSSCOM Steering Committee Report held in July 2019, the purpose of the survey “Communication & Consultation with Interested parties by the Regulatory Body,” was to identify gaps, highlight good practices and to develop an assistance support programme to enhance the communication capabilities among and between regulators, and interested parties in this specialized field of nuclear and radiation safety and security.

Topics in the GNSSCOM webinar series, are based on key recommendations identified in survey results, reflecting needs of Member States’ to advance their awareness, aptitude and support for working with interested parties. The GNSSCOM survey posed the following question:

Does your organization use plans for communication and consultation with interested parties?

Only 52.94% of respondents indicated that their organizations use plans for communication and consultation with interested parties.

In response, this webinar adopts a ‘how-to approach’ in equipping regulators with identified tools and best practice examples in developing communication plans. The IAEA will provide an overview of the topic, which will be followed by Member States presenting their respective national case studies.

This is the second webinar of the GNSSCOM Series.


Cássia Helena Pereira Lima, Chief of Staff, The National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN), Brazil

Viktoria Mitlyng, Senior Public Affairs Officer, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), United States

Hafsa Housni, Head of Service, Information and Communication Department, Moroccan Agency for Nuclear and Radiological Safety and Security (AMSSNuR), Morocco


Danielle Dahlstrom, International expert on safety and security communication

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