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Technical Working Group on Nuclear Desalination (TWG-ND)

The Technical Working Group (TWG) on Nuclear Desalination is a group of experts to provide advice and support programme implementation, reflecting a global network of excellence and expertise in the area of nuclear seawater desalination and address challenges related to integrated water resources management in nuclear facilities.

The IAEA established the International Nuclear Desalination Advisory Group (INDAG) in 1996. INDAG played an active role in the years that followed, contributing to the promotion and stimulation of nuclear desalination activities, and providing a forum for Member States to exchange information on relevant technological developments and on the demonstration and operation of integrated nuclear desalination systems. To enhance its functions, the IAEA restructured INDAG to form the Technical Working Group on Nuclear Desalination (TWG-ND) in 2008.

Scope and Functions

The scope of work includes the areas of programme assessment and planning, research, development, design, construction, economics, safety aspects, international collaboration for demonstration projects, and operation and maintenance of nuclear desalination plants.

The functions of the TWG on Nuclear Desalination include providing advice and guidance for implementation of the IAEA’s programmatic activities in the area of nuclear seawater desalination; and providing a forum for information and knowledge sharing on national and international programmes development in the area of nuclear desalination and integrated water resources management. In addition, it provides advice on preparatory actions in Member States and the IAEA’s activities in planning and implementing coordinated research programmes, collaborative assessments and other activities, as well as the review of the results on nuclear desalination demonstration projects.


Members of the TWG-ND are appointed by the Deputy Director General, Department of Nuclear Energy, following consultation with the respective national authorities or organizations.


The TWG-ND normally meets every sixteen to eighteen months at the IAEA Headquarters in Vienna, Austria. It may meet from time to time at other locations to familiarize itself with activities in a Member State.

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