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Technical Working Group on Gas Cooled Reactors (TWG-GCR)


The Technical Working Group on Gas Cooled Reactors (TWG-GCR) is a group of international experts who provide advice and support IAEA programme implementation in the area of gas cooled reactors. 


The TWG-GCR focuses on:

  • The design, technology development and deployment of currenty and advanced GCR concepts;
  • Programme assessment, system analyses and utilization strategies, research and development, design, construction, use for process heat applications, and operation and maintenance for current and advanced GCRs;
  • Impact of the advanced fuel cycles and fuel options on reactor design for current and advanced GCRs;
  • Techno-economics and socio-environmental assessment of GCR for near term deployments; and
  • Development of infrastructure to facilitate deployment of nuclear power plants using GCR and their supporting facilities;


The functions of the TWG-GCR are as follows:

  • To provide advice to DDG-NE on specific topics of relevance to the IAEA's programmatic activities
  • To share information and knowledge on national and international programmes
  • To contribute to the development and/or review selected of selected IAEA publications from the IAEA Nuclear Energy Series, assess existing gaps and advise on preparation of new publications or e-learning materials 
  • Upon request, to present to the Standing Advisory Group on Nuclear Energy (SAGNE) the key findings of the TWG meeting 
  • To share experience and advice on increasing the participation of young professionals and improving the gender balance in the nuclear sector


The members of the TWG-GCR are appointed by the IAEA Deputy Director General, Head of the Department of Nuclear Energy, following consultation with the respective national authorities or organizations.

Term Duration

4 years, 2021-2024

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