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Staying on track: IAEA and UAE monitor, evaluate and review ongoing projects, together
10 February 2016 | With the aim of maintaining the progress already achieved, two IAEA experts and 25 representatives of various UAE government agencies recently convened in Abu Dhabi to attend a workshop on TC project monitoring and evaluation methodologies and tools. Read more»
IAEA to organize expert meeting on fighting ‘Zika’ mosquitoes
5 February 2016 | In response to the Zika outbreak in Latin America, the IAEA will organize a meeting of experts to review the use of nuclear techniques for the control of mosquitoes that carry the virus, Director General Yukiya Amano said in Mexico City on Thursday. Read more»

World Cancer Day: Montenegro Improves Early Breast Cancer Detection
4 February 2016 | Breast cancer is by far the most frequent cancer among women, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths every year. Early diagnosis is key to effective treatment, and can prevent deaths in many cases. Montenegro, a country where breast cancer is one of the most frequent causes of mortality, is working with the IAEA to strengthen early breast cancer detection and diagnosis. Read more»

Nuclear Technique Can Help Control Disease-Transmitting Mosquitoes
3 February 2016 | Countries from around the world are showing increased interest in the use of the sterile insect technique (SIT) to suppress the populations of mosquitoes that transmit, among others, the Zika virus, said Aldo Malavasi, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications. Read more»

Supporting Central America: Director General Amano Visits El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala
3 February 2016 | A country doesn’t necessarily need to have nuclear power plants to benefit from the peaceful applications of nuclear technology. This is the case in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala, which all use nuclear technology extensively in areas like medicine, water management and agriculture. Read more»
A Cancer Survivor’s Tale
3 February 2016 | Chalani Jayarathne was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. She was successfully treated with radioactive iodine at the Peradeniya Nuclear Medicine Unit in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. The IAEA's TC programme has been supporting this facility for over 40 years, through the provision of equipment and professional training. View video
Joining forces: IAEA and partners gather to mark World Cancer Day 2016
03 February 2016 | This year, the IAEA has organized a series of informative and interactive events between 3 and 9 February to mark World Cancer Day 2016. Read more»
IAEA to Strengthen Cooperation with Costa Rica: Director General Amano
28 January 2016 | While the IAEA may be best known for its work in helping to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, its mandate and impact go beyond non-proliferation. Read more»
A Day with “Dr Dammi”: Nuclear Medicine in Action in Sri Lanka
27 January 2016 | “Don’t sit down, this isn’t a lecture,” the doctor cries. As the medical students jump to their feet, she tells them: “We’re in a clinic. You need to get close to the patient.” Read more»
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