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Least Developed Countries

Least Developed Countries

The United Nations defines LDCs as countries that have “low levels of income and face severe structural impediments to sustainable development”. Such countries are vulnerable to natural and environmental shocks and disasters and may be disproportionately affected by climate change. They may also need particular support for the development of human resources.

All International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Member States can participate in the IAEA’s technical cooperation programme, and, as the IAEA tailors its technical assistance to specific national needs, it thus provides bespoke support to developing countries, including  the LDCs. Many of the activities that the technical cooperation programme implements, such as specialized training courses, on-the-job training, academic degree oriented training and  educational ‘sandwich’ programmes delivered through fellowships, as well as scientific visits, help to address some of the LDC’s socioeconomic development challenges facing LDCs.

Through regional and inter-regional technical cooperation projects, the IAEA seeks to increase collaboration at the regional level and promotes South-South and triangular cooperation, including the sharing of good practices for sustainable development.

In 2022, the IAEA supported 149 countries and territories, including 35 LDCs.

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