Peer Review and Advisory Services Calendar

Mission Title Location Start Date Report
AMRAS Mission to Paraguay Paraguay 12 June 2017
SALTO Mission to Qinshan 1 China 6 June 2017 Download
OSART Follow-up Mission to Bruce B Canada 29 May 2017
OSART Follow-up Mission to Novovoronezh Russian Federation 22 May 2017
AMRAS Mission to Costa Rica Costa Rica 22 May 2017
OSART Mission to Krsko Slovenia 15 May 2017 Download
IRRS Follow-Up Mission to the Czech Republic Czech Republic 15 May 2017 Download
KMAV to Daya Bay NPP China 15 May 2017
SEED Review Mission to Uganda (Site Survey ) Uganda 1 May 2017
KMAV to Ignalina NPP on KM programme for decommissioning project Lithuania 25 April 2017
OSART Follow-up Mission to Sizewell B United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 24 April 2017
AMRAS Mission to Bahrain Bahrain 26 March 2017
KMAV to ASE Group on DKM Russian Federation 13 March 2017
SEED Review Mission on Site Permit Application for an Experimental Power Reactor Indonesia 1 March 2017
INSARR Mission to the WWR-K Research Reactor Kazakhstan 27 February 2017
OSART Mission to Olkiluoto 1&2 Finland 27 February 2017 Download
AMRAS Mission to Honduras Honduras 20 February 2017
OSART Follow-up Mission to Dampierre France 20 February 2017
EduTA Mission to the United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 16 February 2017 Download
SALTO Mission to Doel 1 and 2 Belgium 14 February 2017 Download


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