Peer Review and Advisory Services Calendar

Mission Title Location Start Date Report
Follow up IPSART Mission for Tianwan China 13 November 2000
OSART Mission for Mühleberg Switzerland 6 November 2000
OSART Mission for Belleville France 9 October 2000 Download
INSARR Mission to the MARIA Research Reactor Poland 2 October 2000
IPSART Mission for Petten Netherlands 11 September 2000
Safety Review Mission on the review of power upgrade safety documents, TRIGA Mark II Research Reactor (Bandung) Indonesia 25 August 2000
OSART Follow-up Mission to Bugey France 5 June 2000
IPSART Mission for Ignalina Lithuania 5 June 2000
INSARR Mission to the HOR Research Reactor Netherlands 7 May 2000
IPSART Mission for South Ukraine Ukraine 10 April 2000
OSART Follow-up mission to Khmelnitsky Ukraine 3 April 2000
IPSART Mission for Jose Cabrera Spain 27 March 2000
IPSART Mission for Krsko Slovenia 20 March 2000
OSART Follow-up mission to Golfech France 6 March 2000
OSART Mission for Temelin Czech Republic 21 February 2000
OSART Follow-up mission to Asco Spain 21 February 2000
OSART Mission for North Anna United States of America 24 January 2000
IPSART Mission for Russian Federation (Follow-up IPSART Mission to Tianwan NPP) Russian Federation 1 January 2000
OSART Mission for Gösgen Switzerland 8 November 1999
OSART Follow up Mission to Yeonggwang Republic of Korea 18 October 1999


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