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Women in Nuclear Security Initiative Webinar - Women in Nuclear Security Law Enforcement

21 January 2022

Date and Time

Wednesday, 9 February 2022

14:00, Vienna (Austria) Time

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The IAEA Division of Nuclear Security established the Women in Nuclear Security Initiative (WINSI) in March 2021, with the mission to support the achievement of gender equality in nuclear security both within the IAEA’s Division of Nuclear Security and the global community of practice. The aim is to promote and strengthen the involvement of women in nuclear security and related fields worldwide as well as to enhance the attractiveness of nuclear security jobs and careers to women, especially for the next generation.

To support this initiative, WINSI has organized and hosted the following webinars:

This webinar on “Women in Nuclear Security Law Enforcement” follows on from the third webinar and puts a spotlight on the important and critical area of law enforcement organizations and nuclear security.

Nuclear Security Law Enforcement

The nuclear security-focused law enforcement community within States play a vital role in the State’s nuclear security regime in the prevention of, detection of and response to, criminal activities related to nuclear and other radioactive materials. The law enforcement organisations deal with daily challenges which require resilience, flexibility and, in the case of nuclear or other radioactive materials, specialist skills and knowledge, to address. 

Women in the law enforcement community, especially in roles related to nuclear security, have historically been under-represented. This situation is rapidly changing, with more and more women filling key positions in this specialist area of nuclear security.

The webinar’s speakers will share their experiences in working as women professionals in nuclear security law enforcement field, describing some of the challenges faced in their career choice, why they find their roles rewarding, why the decision to specialise in nuclear security law enforcement was right for them, and how this specialised field could be a concrete possibility for other women seeking a career in this area.


This webinar is designed to inspire women to consider a future in nuclear security law enforcement. The objectives of the webinar are to:

  • provide an overview of different roles women can have in a variety of nuclear security-focused law enforcement organisations;
  • describe challenges and benefits encountered by women working in this specialised area of nuclear security; and
  • encourage young women seeking a career path in nuclear field to consider a career in nuclear security law enforcement organisations.  

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