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Achieving Sustainability: Webinar on the Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan – Perspective from Egypt

22 June 2021

Date and Time

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

13:00 Vienna, Austria time

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The Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan (INSSP) is a voluntary tool that provides States with a systematic and comprehensive framework for reviewing their nuclear security regimes and identifying areas where they need to be strengthened.

The INSSP development process facilitates the identification, consolidation and prioritization of the nuclear security needs of an individual State into a document. This information describes the current status of the individual State’s nuclear security regime and sets out recommendations for improvements to nuclear security. The INSSP also provides a customized framework for coordinating and implementing nuclear security activities conducted by the individual State, the IAEA and potential international partners.

The value of the INSSP for States in strengthening their nuclear security regimes is widely recognized, and to date 112 States have developed an INSSP. This webinar is the first of two webinars that reflect on lessons learned from 15 years of implementation of the INSSP, since the first Plans were approved in 2006. Each webinar will focus on the perspectives of States and the lessons learned from the development and implementation of their INSSPs.


The purpose of this webinar is to:

  • Provide an overview of IAEA support to Member States through the INSSP and how this contributed to sustainability in States.
  • Provide examples of sustainability elements and implementing actions that are included in the INSSP to further facilitate sustainability of the nuclear security regime.

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