Databases and learning systems in radiation protection

Educational, reporting and information systems in the area of radiation protection of patients have been developed to support the patients safety in the medical facilities and to prevent incidents. 

Safety in Radiation Oncology (SAFRON)

SAFRON is an educational reporting system for voluntary reporting of safety significant events in radiotherapy. It is a global safety reporting and learning tool that comprehensively reports on radiotherapy incidents and near misses to support education in the field. Its aim is to improve safety in the use of radiotherapy by sharing safety-related events and analysis around the world. The site requires registration. 

Safety in Radiological Procedures (SAFRAD)

SAFRAD is a voluntary international reporting system on the doses received by patients and other relevant data or events in fluoroscopically-guided diagnostic and interventional procedures. By recording high exposures or unintended events, SAFRAD fulfils an educational purpose, which has the objective to help strengthen safety. The site requires registration. 

Information System on Occupational Exposure in Medicine, Industry and Research (ISEMIR)

ISEMIR is a web-based tool for the collection and analysis of occupational exposure data in interventional cardiology and industrial radiography practices. ISEMIR also aims to assist Member States in assessing and benchmarking occupational radiation protection applied in these practices. The site requires registration.