Radiation protection in brachytherapy

In brachytherapy, small and encapsulated radioactive sources are placed directly into or near the volume to be treated. Brachytherapy allows a high radiation dose to be delivered locally to a tumour with a sharp dose fall-off outside the tumour. Use of this treatment modality is generally limited to small, well-localized tumours.

Some of the types of brachytherapy treatment are intracavitary, with sources placed into a body cavity, and interstitial, with sources implanted into the tumour volume.  Some brachytherapy treatments are temporary, with the dose delivered over a short time period, and others are permanent, with the dose delivered over the lifetime of the sources.

What is important in radiation safety in brachytherapy?

  • Ensuring that protection in the treatment is optimized 
  • Taking measures to prevent accidental exposures