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Advertising and PSAs

Advertising and public service announcements (PSAs) can be a highly effective method of raising your profile with the public and delivering specific messages you want heard, though they represent opposite ends of the publicity spectrum. Advertising requires payment and may take the shape of displays, notices and commercials in print or broadcast. PSAs generally run in unsold advertising space or are offered for free to provide important educational information for society.

Advertising offers possibilities for engagement which journalists cannot provide. Paid advertising allows an organization complete control over their messaging to promote itself or launch a campaign to support its business. In addition to traditional print and broadcast advertising, internet advertising, such as with Google Ads and on Facebook, provides highly targeted opportunities to reach key audiences based on demographics and interests.

Depending on the budget, an organization can advertise in a community newspaper, through web sites and social media, or on national broadcast outlets. But remember, advertising can yield negative results if stakeholder concerns have not been adequately researched and advertising thoughtfully conceived.

PSAs are exclusively used for government or non-profit organizations. In general, print and radio PSAs tend to be more accessible than those on television. Before an investment is considered, scope the opportunities for PSAs and negotiate with potential partners about their requirements and if they are attainable.

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