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Benefits of Communication

Stakeholder communication represents a worthwhile investment of resources. Long-term relationships with audiences must be nurtured over time. Yet, nuclear professionals also benefit from ongoing consultation and cooperation over time with each other. New attitudes emerge gradually and trust must be reinforced continuously. Conflicting points of views and disagreements may occur. However, the impact of opposition can be minimized when interested parties are familiar with each other.

  • Keep it fresh. Sustained communication benefits from the use of different communication channels. Media, meetings, public forums, newsletters and social networking are among the various tools that can help reach audiences in fresh and interesting ways.
  • Set goals. Setting short-term goals and achieving small, frequent wins can build confidence in the people pursuing nuclear science and technology, as well as in the technology itself.
  • Stay consistent. Messages should be consistent over time. Creative examples and personal stories can help keep slow moving infrastructure projects relevant to audiences.
  • Knowing audiences. Knowing audiences will help see how they change over time. As programmes evolve, new interests and concerns will emerge. Maintaining two-way communication will help anticipate needs and be prepared to communicate effectively when stakeholders will find it most useful.

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