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INIS Thesaurus

The INIS Thesaurus serves as the Knowledge Organization System for the International Nuclear Information System (INIS) and contains the controlled terminology for indexing all information within the subject scope of INIS. The terminology is intended for use in subject descriptions for input or retrieval of information in INIS, as well as in other information management systems.

The structure of the INIS Thesaurus is the result of a systematic study performed by the INIS Secretariat and several Member States.

It covers all aspects of IAEA activities in the area of peaceful uses of nuclear energy throughout the world and is a dynamic document that is continuously updated to reflect developments in nuclear science and technology through an international collaborative effort by a team of experts.

Available in all official languages of the IAEA and representing a unique multilingual thesaurus in the nuclear field, the INIS Thesaurus serves as a major tool for indexing and describing nuclear information and knowledge in a structured form.

The INIS Thesaurus online advisory forum, established in 2011, is a discussion forum moderated by the INIS Secretariat. Experts from Member States discuss and evaluate proposals for new descriptors and revisions of existing terms, make suggestions for INIS Thesaurus maintenance and updates, and review other related topics.

By contacting the INIS Secretariat, INIS Liason Officers may nominate qualified experts to participate in the advisory group.

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